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Cavities Are Preventable

But there’s something you should know!

Until recently, the common practice for dental caries (cavities) prevention was to remove harmful bacteria with good oral hygiene: brush twice per day, floss once every day, and visit your dentist regularly.

However, you could still get cavities. How?

Science shows there’s a bacterial imbalance in your mouth, which causes cavities. Brushing and flossing effectively remove the bacteria, but they don’t alter your acidic/pH bacterial balance, leaving you still at-risk.

Our dentist, Dr. Volker, was frustrated that some patients couldn’t prevent cavities no matter how hard they tried. So he researched solutions and found CariFree.


Your partner in preventing cavities.

A patient checking out after a CariFree cavity prevention appointment

CariFree is a science-based treatment… This text opens a new tab to the CariFree website… that’s clinically proven to prevent cavities.

How does it work?

  • First, your hygienist will ask you screening questions to see if you’re a candidate for the CariScreen Caries Susceptibility Test.

  • This test assesses your cavity risk based on a sample of your plaque. You’ll receive a score between 0 and 9,999 (under 1,500 is considered relatively healthy).

  • If your risk number is unhealthy, our Smile Connection dentist will recommend CariFree pH elevated products – toothpaste, rinse, etc. – which change the chemical balance of your mouth to prevent cavities.

  • We’ll retest your cavity risk at follow-up appointments to measure your progress and bring your risk down into the healthy range.

Why You'll Love CariFree

Proven to Prevent Cavities

If you’re tired of getting cavities – despite following all your dentist’s instructions – CariFree will help you find and treat the source of your tooth decay.

Saves Money Long-Term

CariFree products and tests are less expensive than getting fillings, especially if they progress to needing root canals or crowns.

Quick, Easy, & Painless

The CariFree test is quick (1-minute) and painless. It uses a swab, similar to a Q-tip, to collect a plaque sample.

Helps Avoid Fillings & Crowns
Preserving healthy tooth structure and enamel benefits your oral and overall health.

Additional Services to Prevent Oral Health Problems

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Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities. Fluoride has been added to most public water systems and toothpaste to aid in prevention.

At our office, we offer fluoride varnish treatments that contain a high concentration of fluoride. It’s applied directly onto the teeth (quick and painless).

Professional fluoride is especially helpful if you have a high risk for cavities or weak enamel. It’s perfect for all ages, and if you have dental insurance, it may be covered.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

This type of fluoride is effective in stopping cavity development after a cavity has formed. It may even help you avoid the need for a filling!

Silver diamine fluoride is also used to prevent tooth decay from forming, growing, and spreading to other teeth. It’s especially useful for children or adults who have dental anxiety or may not be able to undergo a full dental procedure just yet.

Ask us about this at your next visit.


XyliMelts is the best solution for dry mouth (xerostomia). XyliMelts stimulates saliva production, moisturizes your mouth, and coats it in a soothing oral lubricant to keep you comfortable for hours.

It helps you reduce your risk of plaque and tooth decay.

Home Care Instructions

During every professional dental cleaning, your hygienist will go over proper oral hygiene and share new tips or ways to consider your at-home care.

For example, each tooth has five surfaces, and if you don’t floss, you’re leaving at least two surfaces unclean (that’s about 40%). Plus, flossing is the only thing that really cleans between your teeth and removes bacteria, which forms plaque if left behind.

Dietary Counseling

Did you know sugars and bacteria from your foods and drinks cause an acidic attack on your teeth’s enamel? Now you do!

Certain foods and drinks are more damaging than others, which is why we help you become more aware of what you consume through dietary counseling.

Everyone Needs Cavity Prevention, Including You

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