Dental Implants in Wichita, KS

The superior tooth replacement option for missing teeth.

How Can Dental Implants Restore Your Smile?

State-of-the-art technology makes restoring your confidence and dignity possible.

With dental implants in Wichita, KS, we can restore missing teeth with a fully-functional and natural-looking prosthetic tooth or multiple teeth. Unlike a bridge or denture, implants are a fantastic solution for missing teeth since they are surgically implanted into the jawbone in the spot your natural tooth would be. Many people do not know that dental implants can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth and even the whole upper and bottom set of teeth (especially for patients who wear dentures).

Imagine, you will no longer have to remove part of your smile during dinner with friends or to sleep at night! You can smile as big and as confidently as you want! And, when you replace missing teeth with an implant procedure, you will prevent adjacent teeth from weakening and decaying. Learn more about our dental implant procedure at Smile Connections:

  • What are the results of getting dental implants?

    Our patients are regaining the desire and confidence to smile as big as they used to. They are also enjoying their favorite meals again. The experience often proves easier and more comfortable than you may think! Consider two examples:

    We recently had a patient ask if we could please share with her husband some of the photos we had taken. Why? She saw what she looked like now and she was so happy that her smile was huge! She wanted her husband to have the pictures because it had been a long time since she had smiled in pictures. We found out she had been ashamed of her smile. Not anymore!

    Another patient was devastated after losing a front tooth in the center of their smile. Tired of wearing an appliance that had to be removed every time they ate in public, they came to us for a dental implant solution. It makes us so proud that we were able to give back their tooth, their smile, and their dignity!

  • What else may be involved in the dental implants journey?

    Our dentist at Smile Connections can help regenerate and heal damaged bone and gum tissue and remake a natural-looking tooth for your smile. The goal of this process is to restore your smile’s health and beauty again—with your comfort and trust being our utmost priority.

    There are many other comprehensive dentistry solutions available for your smile to be in optimal shape for a lifetime. We even recommend wearing an occlusal guard to help protect your investment in your smile from tooth-grinding at night.

  • What can you expect at Smile Connections?

    At Smile Connections, we replace old-school methods with new advanced techniques to restore your smile and dignity. Our mantra is to go the extra mile to take great care of you while we work with the surgical specialist. Together, we create a tooth (or set of teeth) that is fully-functional and matches perfectly with your natural smile’s appearance. We actively guide you through the dental implant process from start to finish so you never have to guess what is coming next.

    To make everything easy and painless for our dental implant patients, our office has many options for financial arrangements and will work with you to find the best option. We will also assist with appointment scheduling and communication every step of the way with the surgical specialist who will place the implant post.

Our dentist and a patient looking at oral x rays for dental implants in Wichita, KS.

What Are Dental Implant Restorations

The parts of the dental implant: post, abutment, and crown or prosthesis

Dental implants are a superior tooth replacement option for missing teeth. For instance, you can replace a single tooth or several teeth with dental implants instead of wearing removable dentures. These restorations usually last a lifetime with proper oral care, they do not stain and are as strong as your natural, healthy teeth!  A dental implant consists of at least 3 main parts:

  • The new tooth that looks and functions like a normal tooth. This may also be a set of prosthetic natural-looking teeth.
  • The abutment is like a surgical-grade screw that joins the new tooth and the post.
  • The post which fuses with the jawbone and functions as the root or anchor of the new tooth or prosthetic.

“Dr. Volker is not only extremely talented (nearly pain-free injections!!) but is very kind, even to his staff! He will work on a problematic tooth until everyone is happy with the results. Would recommend him and his office to anyone!”

– Laura Black, actual patient of your Wichita, KS dentist

Get Dental Implants in Wichita, KS

Our pampering team of dental experts can restore the aesthetic and function of your smile.