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Your dentist in Wichita, KS committed to continuing education.

Improving the Standard of Patient Care
Collage of Dr. James Volker, a dentist in Wichita,KS speaking with patients to show advanced and thorough care

By helping the families we meet at our dental office and through humanitarian work, we help sustain the community that has given our family so much.

Dr. James Volker tries his hardest to be the best Wichita dentist he can be for his patients!

He strives to be efficient while delivering high-quality dental care. He prides himself on respecting each patient by staying on time with his schedule whenever it is within his control and has hired several personal consultant firms to make sure the entire office runs efficiently.

Dr. Volker has improved his knowledge about dentistry and has learned new skills consistently throughout his career by attending continuing education courses that highlight the latest in dentistry techniques and technology.

Outside of the dental office, he loves to spend time with his incredible wife, Amy, and their two sons.

Our Dentist in Wichita Has 20+ Years of Expertise

Education and Skills
Burning Passions
  • Experience with his childhood dentist shaped his life with a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others

  • Has a thirst for knowledge and often attends continuing education classes

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Continuing Education for Superlative Dentistry

Wichita dentist, Dr. James Volker attending a Kois Center continuing education class.
Attending a CE class at the Kois Center

Dr. James Volker cares deeply about delivering the highest quality of dentistry to his patients, which can only be achieved through large quantities of continuing education and learning about management and business.

He has attended many continuing education (CE) courses over the last 20 years and works hard to learn and grow and not just keep doing the same dentistry he learned years ago in dental school.

Dr. Volker has traveled all over the United States to study with some of the best dental educators in the nation, including:

These have all helped him to increase his skillset and hone those skills to become an innovative and advanced Wichita general dentist.

Dr. Volker is an exceptional dentist. Very caring and personable. His priority is to treat you with as little discomfort as possible. This is one of the first dental offices in my life that I actually look forward to visiting.”

– Bruce T. (actual patient of your Wichita dentist)

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