"Quick Fix" Dentistry is Yesterday's News

Today, comprehensive dentistry in Wichita, KS uses a holistic focus to ensure that dental problems don't occur again—or ever at all.

Why Comprehensive Dentistry?

comprehensive dentistry infographic download

Many people have a legitimate fear of going to the dentist because of past experiences or because of fear of pain and embarrassment. Others are just so busy raising a family and leading a demanding career that they put off their oral health as a last priority.

Unfortunately, when a toothache or a broken crown requires attention, they prefer the “quick fix” at just any dental office, not knowing that serious and more expensive implications can come up down the road.

In our free Infographic, you will understand how comprehensive dentistry:


  • Actually takes less time
  • Is less expensive than the “quick fix” dentistry
  • Avoids future dental problems
  • And makes sure your smile looks and feels great for a lifetime


Do Dentistry Right The First Time

Save Time

Choosing to do things right the first time with one trusted and qualified dentist makes for fewer appointments, less commute time, fewer unpaid days off work, and more time you can spend with family.

Cost Effective

With a comprehensive plan, we can stretch your insurance benefits and work within your means by tailoring dental work to last a long time and prevent more expensive dental problems a few years down the line.

Holistic Results

When you and your dentist work towards the same goal, your smile will have the same natural and healthy look, it will complement your facial features to make you more attractive, and you will be able to eat the foods you want for a lifetime.

“My whole family and I are patients of Dr. Volker, and we have never been in better care. We asked some friends who they go to for dentistry when our boys were young, and they recommended Dr. Volker. Today, I would, without a doubt, do the same.”

– Robert (actual patient of our Wichita dental family)

Let's Improve Your Smile Holistically

Your smile is your biggest asset for self-confidence. With comprehensive dentistry, we can make sure an attractive, vibrant, and healthy smile will characterize you and your family for as long as you live.