Shelbi’s Smile Transformation

Smile Transformation for Shelbi

When you turn on your television or YouTube, what do you see?

What about when you check out at the grocery store and glimpse the magazine display?

Gorgeous smile after gorgeous smile!

It can be easy to feel less than if you don’t have a camera- or cover-worthy smile, especially if you have multiple discolored, missing, or misshapen teeth.

As dental providers, we see these are common problems. And for all these individuals, having confidence can be quite a problem.

This was certainly the case with Shelbi N. of Holcomb, KS. We’d like to share her successful journey with Smile Connections Family DentalThis link leads to Home page.

Through her story, you might find inspiration to repair your smile if you have discolored, missing, or misshapen teeth.

Shelbi’s problem

Shelbi’s smile lacked the star appeal she desired. There were issues from her first premolar to the premolar on the other side, and two were missing.

She was well aware of her issues and had endured taunting, which chiseled away at her self-esteem. Her missing teeth also affected her ability to chew normally.

Shelbi saw a dentist before visiting with Dr. VolkerThis link leads to Dr. Volker’s page. Her first experience wasn’t ideal because she felt the dentist wouldn’t listen. He had the nerve to say she was too picky.

Initially, when she walked into Smile Connections Family Dental, we knew we needed to roll out the Red Carpet and show her we’re all about our patients. We wanted her to know that we weren’t like the last practice.

She was extremely hopeful about our office, considering she had thoroughly researched before choosing us, which was a 3 1⁄2 hour drive.

While we didn’t necessarily focus on the money aspect, we did consider that she was still paying off the last dentist, so she probably wanted something easy on her budget.


We listened to every aspect of her problem and circumstance from the moment she arrived for her consultation until she left. She was appreciative, which is why she decided to get the rest of her dental work done with us.

We’d like to note that throughout her entire treatment, we worked with Shelbi to create a plan around her needs.

We also realized that she desired a bit of empathy along the way.

Personalized treatment plan

Dr. VolkerThis link leads to Dr. Volker’s page and the rest of our teamThis link leads to the Team page could hear the concern and frustration in Shelbi’s voice. We knew that she needed support to develop the confidence she was lacking and to smile freely again.

She needed — and deserved — a dentist and team that listened.

At the start of the visit, one of our hygienists and Dr. Volker discussed her dental problems. We listened attentively to her dental problems, the difficulties she had with her prior dentist, and the issues triggered by her imperfect smile.

We assured her that we genuinely wanted to help and tackle all of the dental problems she had.

While she didn’t necessarily cite price as a concern, she wanted to make this affordable, seeing as she was still paying off her last dentist.

Performing the procedures

Before we placed a single tool in her mouth, we explained everything. We laid out a treatment plan with her desires and situation in mind and consulted her every step of the way. We needed to show her there are dentists who listen and care.

At this point, we also took into consideration the price. We didn’t want to break the bank; therefore, as we were helping her decide on a solution, we factored in cost and longevity.

We discussed the treatment approach, allowed her to express her thoughts, and then it was time to map out a reasonable timeline.

Step one: dental implants

The next step of Shelbi’s journey of repairing her discolored, missing, and misshapen teeth was to place the dental implantsThis link leads to Dental Implant Restoration page page.

This procedure is relatively straightforward, consisting of our dentist making spaces for the two metal posts.

Step two: dental crowns

After the implants healed, it was time for Dr. Volker to prepare the teeth for crownsThis link leads to the Crowns page. The two implants required abutments first.

Then, all of the prepped teeth and the implants received natural-looking crowns, which was a priority because we wanted Shelbi to have a smile to showcase as her own.

The reveal

The full reveal of a great smile


Shelbi couldn’t be happier with her results. It’s the first time she can remember feeling confident enough to smile.

She’s satisfied with the results and her experience with Dr. Volker and his team.

And we couldn’t be more ecstatic she chose us, especially because we are not even in her service area.

This journey could be yours

Can you relate to Shelbi? Maybe you have different dental problems but have been in her position, struggling with a lack of confidence in your smile. We don’t want you to think nobody will listen!

At Smile Connections Family Dental, Dr. Volker and the staff are in the business of creating dream smiles and boosting patient confidence, with the patient being central to the process.

We offer several standard and cosmetic procedures to help and will work with you to find a solution that checks all your boxes.

So, if you’re in a similar position to Shelbi’s, let us work with you and start you on your smile journey! It just takes a message or call to us.


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