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Robyn's Smile Transformation

Through the right cosmetic dental treatments, such as veneers, a patient can reclaim their smile and confidence.

And this boost in self-esteem can trickle into their career, relationships, mental health, and general happiness.

We’ve seen the results of this transformation in hundreds of patients at Smile Connections. Ultimately, it’s all possible through veneers in Wichita, along with other excellent cosmetic dental procedures.

In fact, we see first-hand what veneers, crowns, and similar procedures can do for patients’ confidence and lives.

One notable case was with Robyn; she came into our office feeling less than confident because of her smile.

With our help, she was able to transform that smile and feel more confident than ever before.


Initially, Robyn wasn’t ready to undergo a smile transformation. She wasn’t sure who she could trust with such an important task. That prompted her to begin carefully comparing her options.

After reading our reviews, Robyn felt connected with the work we do. Her next step was meeting with our dentist and staff. This is what sealed the deal for her. Robyn felt she clicked well with us and decided to move forward.

Special considerations

Robyn came to us as a tooth grinder.

Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding is a very common dental issue. Over time, it can wear down a person’s teeth.

This habit can also lead to tooth shifting, which, fortunately, wasn’t the case for Robyn yet.

Unfortunately, though, her teeth were already smaller than they should be, which was her main concern.

Patient assessment

After speaking with Robyn at our consultation meeting and a thorough examination, we found that her most problematic teeth were her canines and premolars.

At that point, we needed to show her how she could depend on Dr. Volker and the rest of our team to correct her teeth and give her that boost of confidence she needed.


Patients often feel as though the smile they want is unobtainable because they don’t have the necessary funds to cover it.

That’s why we always offer several financing options, and did so in this case, too.

Robyn was able to work with our financing department, and they helped create a plan that met her needs, staying with her every step of the way.


First, we made sure to keep the entire experience as pleasant as possible. We wanted to show Robyn she was in good hands, with an attentive staff who centers on patient results.

Therefore, we explained exactly what treatments we’d perform and what to expect in terms of price. We believe being upfront and honest with patients is crucial in building a relationship with them and establishing trust. Robyn thought so too.

We also were upfront with her on what to expect during and after the treatment, paying careful attention to answer any questions she had. We saw this made a huge difference in preparing her for the treatment. She felt comfortable and was excited to begin the process with little to no concerns.

Making the impressions

During this part of the treatment, our practitioner took impressions to create custom-tailored veneers and crowns. Even though this is our usual approach, we knew from her response it helped strengthen her confidence in us.

Performing the restorations

When it was time to apply the crowns and veneers, our dentist took his time and used precision and skill to create a final product that met her needs. These are, after all, predominantly esthetic treatments and require a lot of time and consideration.

While this is the process we always use with every patient, it meant the world to Robyn because she felt at ease in the hands of our dentist.

Getting patient feedback

Upon completion, our practitioner showed Robyn the results and made sure to listen to her feedback. She was pleased with the outcome, but if she would’ve had any concerns, our practitioner would have made the necessary adjustments to ensure she was satisfied with the results.

Enhancing the results

Before sending Robyn home, we made sure to explain thoroughly everything she should know about her new smile going forward. She understood the foods she needed to avoid to prevent staining and keep her veneers and crowns white and radiant.

Addressing the teeth grinding was also an essential aspect of her care. We explained that the pressure placed on the teeth from bruxism can cause premature failure of both crowns and veneers. Our goal was to help extend the life of her restorations, which, fortunately, we can accomplish through dental guards.


We could tell Robyn was excited to walk out with a new smile.

Her exact words were, “Everything went so smoothly from financing and procedures to the final outcome.”

She added, “Everyone listened to my needs and made it happen. I felt important. Everyone from front to back truly cares about the

Closeup of Robyn's smile before and after her cosmetic treatments

Hope for patients like Robyn

If you can relate to Robyn’s situation and are considering a smile makeover, we can help. Whether that means veneers, crowns, or another cosmetic dental procedure, you’ll get the same excellent service and attention. Any patient can walk out with a smile they’re proud to showcase. Like in Robyn’s situation, it helps to take your time to research and find a dentist who specializes in your particular issue, has high reviews, and values that align with yours.

We understand patients have reservations about needing any dental procedures, including esthetic ones. That’s why we start listening to the patient the instant they come into our office. We take whatever steps necessary to help our patients feel comfortable in that dental chair and leave with the smile they love, with no hassle on their part.

That’s why we encourage any patient who isn’t happy with their smile to search for cosmetic dentistry veneers in Wichita. Book an appointment with us to learn what we can do for your smile.

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